espresso recipe:99/158 (0.419 g/ml)

Step 4

Make your coffee

Brew Guide
Grind Setting:263 μm
Temp:91 c
Flair 58 Temp:2
Dose:18 g
VST Basket:18 g
Yield:52 g
Shot time:32 s
Cup size:190 ml or 6.4oz (brown)
Bypass:19 ml
Steamed Milk:119 ml
Roast Level
Density Range:38 %
Drop Temperature:207 c
Roast Name:Light/Cinnamon/New England Roast
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Step 5

Taste it

Most of the time it will be right first try. Sometimes it will need adjustment.All you need to decide is:
  1. Is it too sour, like lemon. In this case you need to extract more.
  2. Is OK, you dont need to change anything. Some refer to this as the sweet spot, but coffee doesnt actually contain sugar so think of this as the calm between too sour and too bitter.
  3. Is it too bitter. All coffee is bitter to some extent but you can reduce the bitterness by extracting less.
Step 6


If the coffee is too sour
if the coffee is too bitter

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espresso 0.419

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richard.c.mayston Solution Architect
Under-extracted coffee is sour, and over-extracted coffee is bitter. Different degrees of extraction are required for different roast levels, which correlate most strongly with density. The recipe series is a practical tool that empowers you to navigate by taste and resolve sour or bitter coffee issues. It provides a full range of extraction tools for any method of coffee extraction, putting you in control of your coffee's flavor.

1 thought on “espresso 0.419”

  1. Name: Gakundu AA, Kenya
    Vendor: Mojo
    Density (roasted): 0.419
    Score: 85
    Espresso Kinu m47: 190
    Coffee Reference: Kenya
    Region: Gakundu, Embu County
    Altitude: 1650
    Process: Washed
    Region: Embu County 
    Altitude: 1650masl 
    Varietal: 60% SL28; 15% Riuru; 5% Batian 
    Process: Washed 

    This washed AA coffee is produced by numerous smallholder producers and has a medium body and notes of plum and dark chocolate.


    The Gakundu Farmers’ Cooperative Society consists of approximately 1,200 members that own small plots of land throughout Embu County in Central Kenya. Coffee is grown under the shade of macadamia and grevillea trees in rich volcanic soil before the coffee cherries are delivered to the Gakundu washing station. 

    All the coffee is hand-picked and delivered on the same day to the washing station, where it undergoes meticulous sorting before being processed. 


    Roasted for filter brew methods such as pour-over, Delter press and plunger. 

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