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Nine bar espresso

9 bar espresso

What you need to know about pressure to make the best-tasting espresso In a commercial context, Espresso is all about making coffee fast—30 seconds per cup, compared to 4 minutes for filter coffee. That’s a big difference when you have 30 people waiting for service. It’s all achieved by pressure-speeding-up extraction. When scaling your pressure […]

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espresso to water ratio

What is Espresso Ratio The term ratio refers to how much ground coffee you use, also known as the ‘dose’, to how much the weight of the coffee you make, known as the ‘yield’. For example, using an 18g dose, stopping the shot at 36g yield produces a dose:yield ratio of 1:2. If you have

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Computational Coffee

It blows my mind how everyone is trying to extract coffee without first measuring how hard it’s going to be, and then not using the full range of all their tools. Avoid bitter over extraction, and sour under extraction, by measuring the density.

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This post has nothing to do with coffee. It is here after I read a wonderful article on How Coffee Varietals and Processing Affect Taste. It reminded me of a similar, somewhat simpler piece of work I did on Whisky Flavours to Distilleries. Flavour to Whisky Distillery This has been created by using a word



The size of the roasted coffee bean can affect extraction, learn how. Effect of roasted coffee seed sizes on extraction Coffee seeds increase in size throughout the roast, expanding to about 1.5 times the size of the original green bean. Seed size affects the degree of roasting and can offset the density indicator.  Very small

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Grind Settings by Density

Kinu m47 and Flair Pro 2

There have been several requests for DAE to include grind settings for each density. There are several problems with this. Different espresso basket diameters have different coffee bed depths, which requires different grind settings. For example a standard 58mm basket will require a much finer grind than a 45mm holding the same amount of coffee.

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Ground breaking research

Excuse the terrible pun. I want to thank Logan Collinge of Mojo The Beanery for spending several weekends roasting to order for me, and being such a mine of information. The first experiment was to take one single origin green bean, and have Logan roast it to common roast levels across the roast spectrum. The selected Green

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Value proposition for Roasters

I caught up with my original Coffee Sensai one day and enquired what great Single Origin coffee he was currently drinking. I was shocked when he sheepishly confessed, he had ‘given up’ trying Single Origins, because it took him most of the bag to dial it in. Whereas with his preferred routine Blend, at least

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