espresso recipe:65/158 (0.385 g/ml) felix

Step 4

Make your coffee

Brew Guide
Grind Setting:328 μm
Temp:89 c
Flair 58 Temp:2
Dose:21 g
VST Basket:20 g
Yield:46 g
Shot time:28 s
Cup size:220 ml or 7.4oz (white)
Bypass:12 ml
Steamed Milk:162 ml
Roast Level
Density Range:59 %
Drop Temperature:218 c
Roast Name:Medium/Breakfast
VIDEO How to make espresso right first time, every time
Step 5

Taste it

Most of the time it will be right first try. Sometimes it will need adjustment.All you need to decide is:
  1. Is it too sour, like lemon. In this case you need to extract more.
  2. Is OK, you dont need to change anything. Some refer to this as the sweet spot, but coffee doesnt actually contain sugar so think of this as the calm between too sour and too bitter.
  3. Is it too bitter. All coffee is bitter to some extent but you can reduce the bitterness by extracting less.
Step 6


If the coffee is too sour
if the coffee is too bitter

How to Store Coffee Beans - 9 Tips


espresso 0.385

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richard.c.mayston Solution Architect
Under-extracted coffee is sour, and over-extracted coffee is bitter. Different degrees of extraction are required for different roast levels, which correlate most strongly with density. The recipe series is a practical tool that empowers you to navigate by taste and resolve sour or bitter coffee issues. It provides a full range of extraction tools for any method of coffee extraction, putting you in control of your coffee's flavor.

1 thought on “espresso 0.385”

  1. Name: Hawaii Kona
    Vendor: Hayman
    Density (roasted): 0.385
    Score: 74
    Coffee Reference: Hawaii
    Region: Kona District
    Coffee: Arabica
    Variety: Typica
    Altitude: 550-700
    Process: Washed
    Simple caramel, smooth, clean, nice acidity. But dull lacking in character. Innofensive, boring. Too low grown, variety fairly dull. Over priced.

    $71.00 NZD

    Hayman is proud to offer you one of the best coffee beans in the world, Kona coffee, grown on Hawaii’s unique volcanic soil. It is only roasted when we receive your order and is shipped to you within hours for maximum freshness. You can order this gourmet coffee in 4 different forms: green coffee beans (i.e. unroasted coffee beans / raw coffee beans for home roasting), roasted whole bean coffee, roasted ground coffee or Nespresso®* compatible pods (box with 16 coffee pods). FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING – BUY NOW BEFORE IT SELLS OUT AGAIN!

    The best Kona coffee Hawaii is one of the most sought-after specialty coffees in the world. This third wave coffee treasure is grown on the slopes of volcanoes Hualālai and Mauna Loa, which are located in the Kona district of the Big Island of Hawaii.

    This unique location presents ideal growing conditions for Hawaiian coffee, such as perfect altitude, rich volcanic soil, and constant sunshine. The region is also known for the steady yet gentle rainfall, and the coffee trees are protected from prevailing winds by the surrounding volcanoes.

    The annual harvest of the best Kona coffee Hawaii occurs in September-February and this awesome Arabica coffee, the best of all types of coffee beans, is then processed by the washed method, which is reserved for the greatest speciality coffees. This Hawaiian coffee is a gourmet coffee and fresh roasted coffee, extremely appreciated for its smoothness and caramel flavor notes.

    Hayman acquires only the top Hawaiian coffee, namely Kona coffee beans.

    Our Kona coffee comes in the beautiful box featured in the images above, which makes it one the most original and exclusive coffee gifts or coffee gift baskets. The box has the following dimensions: 15 cm (5.9 in) length x 15 cm (5.9 in) width x 3.5 cm (1.4 in) height.

    Hayman is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association, the ultimate authority in coffee excellence (membership no. 6112-E), and of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence.

    100% Hawaii Kona coffee, fresh roasted coffee, fresh ground coffee (if applicable).
    Store in a cool and dry place.
    Coffee Profile

    Origin / Species / Varietal: Kona district, Big Island of Hawaii / Arabica coffee / Kona Typica.
    Altitude: 550-700 meters.
    Harvest period: September – February.
    Processing method: Washed.
    Cupping notes: Sweet, caramel flavor notes. Pleasant acidity. Balanced and smooth, with a very “clean” finish. Rich, sweet aroma.

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