espresso recipe:56/158 (0.376 g/ml)

Step 4

Make your coffee

Brew Guide
Grind Setting:345 μm
Temp:89 c
Flair 58 Temp:2
Dose:21 g
VST Basket:20 g
Yield:44 g
Shot time:27 s
Cup size:220 ml or 7.4oz (white)
Bypass:11 ml
Steamed Milk:165 ml
Roast Level
Density Range:65 %
Drop Temperature:221 c
Roast Name:Medium/Breakfast
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Step 5

Taste it

Most of the time it will be right first try. Sometimes it will need adjustment.All you need to decide is:
  1. Is it too sour, like lemon. In this case you need to extract more.
  2. Is OK, you dont need to change anything. Some refer to this as the sweet spot, but coffee doesnt actually contain sugar so think of this as the calm between too sour and too bitter.
  3. Is it too bitter. All coffee is bitter to some extent but you can reduce the bitterness by extracting less.
Step 6


If the coffee is too sour
if the coffee is too bitter

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espresso 0.376

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richard.c.mayston Solution Architect
Under-extracted coffee is sour, and over-extracted coffee is bitter. Different degrees of extraction are required for different roast levels, which correlate most strongly with density. The recipe series is a practical tool that empowers you to navigate by taste and resolve sour or bitter coffee issues. It provides a full range of extraction tools for any method of coffee extraction, putting you in control of your coffee's flavor.

2 thoughts on “espresso 0.376”

  1. Name: Kiririma
    Vendor: Cypher Coffee
    Density (roasted): 0.376
    Score: 85
    Coffee Reference: Burundi
    Region: Kayanza, Kabarore
    Cooperative: Kiririma
    Variety: Bourbon
    Altitude: 1880
    Process: Washed
    Toffee, silky body, strawberry jam, marmalade, cherry, lingering and juicy aftertaste

    Dhs. 135.00 Dhs. 101.25


    The KIRIRIMA pulping station is one of the 22 washing stations under the management of SOGESTAL KAYANZA. It is located in a high altitude with 1880 m.

    They have extensive experience in processing specialty coffee because they started this last activity since 1986.

    They transform the cherry coffee produced in more than 11 hills distributed in 2 municipalities of which one in KAYANZA province and the other in NGOZI province (KABARORE and BUSIGA) which are in areas of good productivity of quality coffee. The soil is generally volcanic but variable from one Hill to another (Hygroxeroferrisol, Hygroferrisol and Kaolisol). Specialty coffee is prepared separately from others by considering hills where they are produced. The average production is 350 000 Kg and the specialty coffee represents 75% of all that produce.

    The number of coffee-growers who bring cherry coffee varies between 1500 and 2 000 depending on the average or good production campaign.

    Origin: Burundi

    Region: Kayanza, Kabarore

    Farm: Kiririma

    Altitude: 1,880 m

    Varietal: Bourbon

    Process: Washed

  2. what was your Agtron gourmet level for this roast . I am a bit confused because I got 85 for ground coffee , which is light but in reference to the roast level you write dark

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