Search for your roasted coffee bean density to find the Sweet Spot coffee brew guide for your roast level

Measured in gm/ml e.g. 0.395

ENTER THE LAST 3 DIGITS in the range 300-500 e.g. 395

Check the menu for how to measure density, and why.

If the beans are very small, you may find the result a bit bitter, try subtracting 20 or more.
If the beans are very large, you may find the result a bit sour, try adding 20 or more.
See Bean Sizes.

Used for the aging table. Tells you when to wait, when to use it, when its best, when its past its prime, and how best to store it.
Used for printing results

If you get the dreaded 'The form was unable to submit', just press Submit a 2nd time.


Over 500 detailed brew guides for Espresso, Hario V60, Drip Pot Wood Neck

Make the best cup of coffee out of the bag of beans you have

I well remember that coffee! I was all set to put milk in it but decided to try it without milk. What a beautiful tasting experience that was. This was the first time EVER I have not had milk in my coffee. I prefer a strong coffee and this one more than satisfied the coffee fix I need. If what I tasted was evidence of the sweet spot, bring on more.
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